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My name is Huma Younis, and I am the founder of the Aotearoa Ethnic Communities Trust NZ (AECT).

I have combined my knowledge as a migrant, my work experience in the community development, migrant support, and employment sector with my social work background (as a registered social worker in New Zealand) and my love of fashion and design, to contribute to the development of AECT. 

AECT has supported hundreds of families since 2001. It is a non-profit organization and is mainly reliant on volunteer support, donations, and support from other organizations.

You can also partner with us by making a monthly contribution to support our projects.

For further information please see our website. Also, please feel free to email us on to enquire further about any of our initiatives.

We regularly organize fundraising events in Auckland, such as, garage sales. We also sell clothing and other items as part of our fundraising via our website and Facebook page. Please press the Donate button below to make a donation or go to the Events page to register for the upcoming events.


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