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History and Background

The Aotearoa Ethnic Communities Trust (AECT) is a registered charity in New Zealand.

The (AECT) was originally called the Migrant Fellowship and Support Group. The support group has in the last 22 years (since 2001) worked in partnership with local community groups in New Zealand and overseas to support newcomers, migrants, refugees, and ethnic communities to make informed choices related to settlement in New Zealand.

The AECT has been working in partnership with organizations to promote women's empowerment and community development by providing resources and education. We have been supporting the poor, vulnerable, and marginalized communities to learn skills, gain experience to attain their rights and future aspirations via various workshops, projects, and programmes.

We have been working with communities to overcome challenges related to integration, health, employment, education, access to government funded services, limited social support, racism, and trauma by making collaborative and effective solutions to improve outcomes related to integration.

We are organizing monthly events and are involved in the following projects in New Zealand,

1.  Mobile Community Connect Group.

2.  Mobile Community-based Workshops.

3.  Digital/Online Workshops.

4. E-newsletters.

5. Crises Response and Management via Food Parcel Program.

Please go to the Events page to register for the programme.

AECT is progressing into the launch of Mobile Migrant Support Program to target the wider community.

Women Empowerment Project has been tested and validated and we have successfully completed the product photoshoot.

We are facing challenges like low manpower, reduced staffing, limited resources/equipment, and limited finances and we need your support to increase the effectiveness of the project.

You donation will help us to support the communities.


We believe that everyone can use their natural talents to define their future, and can empower the communities.

Our Mission

The mission of Aotearoa Ethnic Communities Trust is to work with national and international partnership to improve socio-economic marginalization and deprivation by creating long term sustainable solutions.

Our Mission

Our Vision


Our vision is to support marginalized communities to achieve inclusion, economic freedom and, social equality leading to effective integration and a better quality of life.

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We Need Your Support Today!

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