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This book tells an account of two women from the same family. Both had to deal with the generational curse. One of the women is me. In my case, I found a way to break curse because Jesus was included in my story.


Having read all the reports and taken note of all the Editors opinions we can confidently state that your submission was found to be one of confronting honesty, intense expression and contemporary in its accessible, personal authorial voice. A poignant, inspired, and assured debut which transfixes the reader, resonating deeply and, at times, unable to be read with a catch in the throat as the emotion which drives the work is deeply evocative yet ultimately hopeful. The biographic, human focused approach allows the reader to fully transfix upon the story woven with a well-balanced sensitivity and striking honesty. Heart-wrenching and emotional there are moments of comedy, hope or relief further transporting the reader into not just your history but the message you strive to impart. ‘Spiritual Warfare’ is a well written poignant work worthy of attention and it is believed it could have a place in the highly competitive market.




After making a payment kindly send your name and email address to or add your contact information in the note section at the chekouts and the link of the book will be shared with you.

Huma Younis Autobiography

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