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This pure cotton cream colour long dress with side slits is inspired by the spring.  The beauty and colours of the nature are unlocked by the rhythm of the season as the continuum of life takes a charming shift. Spring is symbolic of hope that provides transition from winter to the warmth of summer. Science suggests that the spring has positive and healing effects on psychological well-being.

The floral ornamentation is inspired by the architecture of the Mughal empire, and the well-balanced colour coordination with contrasting tones elevates the canvas. The detailed and intricate beaded work is finalized with shadow work on the leaves, and the subdued and calmer palette is ignited by the dark shades of red.

This product is hand made by the village women, and is part of the women empowerment project. Please support our project by purchasing from our online store. The dress can be tailor-made for you. Please send mesaurements as shown in the picture. The cost of stitching is included in the price.


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